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Water Well Drilling,
Education and Safaris

Water Well Drilling

A water well is an excavation or structure created in the ground by digging, driving, boring, or drilling to access groundwater in underground aquifers.

Bore hole drilling

Our bore hole drilling team in the week commencing 4th March have found abundant flow of water at 60m depth. In just over 7 days, with a submersible pump this well will provide sufficient water for 25+ households (over 150 people) and a farm.

A donation of £4,000.00 was all that was needed to cover.

Drilling costs


Piping and 5000 litre tank


Water pump


A further well was starting to be drilled in the week commencing 25th March; 70m depth, with a hand pump (which can be operated by a 5year old child) as there is no electricity in this area.

Drilling costs


Pump cost


5,000 litre tank


This well will help farming communities with no access to electricity or water to improve their crops and lives. We estimate 100 persons+ will use this well daily.

Water Conservancy

In Tanzania the rain season is from March to June, but 95% of households don’t have guttering. The most needed water is wasted and being allowed to run into dirt roads, front and back of houses creating mud baths.

Guttering and 5000 litre tank