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Water Well Drilling,
Education and Safaris


Our safaris will introduce you not only to the wildlife but also to Tanzanian daily life. “Safari means to travel in Swahili and you certainly will travel when you join one of our tours.

Wildlife Safari

If you can spare 2 weeks why not combine both experiences. You will also contribute (10% of the cost of the tour goes to our charity fund) to helping the water conservancy and education programmes. Our Safari Leader is Mkulu (Goodluck). Goodluck has 20 years experience+ driving in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara and Tarangire Wildlife parks.

Goodluck knows these parks and their wildlife extremely well and you will learn in the space of 5 to 7 days so much on wildlife, fauna, flora, ecosystems that you will want to return and discover much more again You will see virtually all animals and you might even spot the exceedingly shy black rhino who chooses to roam inaccessible areas.


Per Person/Night

Guest Rooms


Tanzanian Wildlife research institute
not available to other safaris companies


Your accommodation can also be our pick of the campsites and our Chef, Bashiri, will provide interesting and delightful breakfasts, take away lunches and 3 courses dinners, all cooked on open fires.

Check the cost of Safaris on www.tuendesafaris.com/English/special

Tanzanian Safari

During the second week you will discover Tanzanian life and will be touring around Arusha and Moshi in our Tanzanian safari.

Either staying at Hotel Equator with its magnificient garden. You can choose/book your hotel accommodation and meals directly with the hotel at www.equator-hotel.com and our guide will pick you up and return you to the hotel daily but for the Moshi overnight stay, you will be provided with a packed lunch.

A 6 day tour


Or share the daily life of a Tanzanian couple – your guide Mkolu, his wife Gloria and their children Godlove, Margareth and Elias when they are on school breaks.

You will be accommodated in your own private quarters with a bedroom and shower/toilet facilities and share your breakfast and dinner with your hosts in their homes.

A 6 days Tanzanian life experience

2 sharing a room


Single occupancy


Per Person/Night (half board)

2 sharing a room


Single occupancy


During this week you will

Visit open markets in Arusha and Moshi, where locals shop for a wide variety of foods and household items. Chungu (earthenware cooking pots) can be bought for a mere £1.50 and make wonderful useful souvenirs.

Also a pair of Katambuga (Massai shoes) cut out of tyres and fashioned to your design/size while you are waiting will cost you £3.00.

You can also join into harvesting, beating and grinding corn, harvesting coffee, watch coconuts being cut from 25m tall coconut tree by an extremely agile and light footed worker. He will then shell them , cut them and for 40p you will experience a drink of “dafu”. We can guarantee that you will spend another 40p for a second coconut!

You will discover Moshi and lake Jibe where you can canoe, watch crocodiles and hippos, fishermen bringing their catch. With a night stay in the Moshi area you will have the next day to enjoy visiting holy grounds, sugar cane being pressed into a mild alcoholic drink. You will have the chance to see craftsmen at work without being asked to purchase any items. We don’t take you to shops/craftshops.

So your second week will provide you with a knowledge and understanding of Tanzanian life.